Atomic Tom – In Parallel – EP Review

In Parallel cover

In Parallel Review

Atomic Tom is probably known best by most people as that band that ‘lost their instruments’ and performed using their iPhones as instruments on the New York Subway(video).  While that viral video performance on YouTube was great, they are so much more than just a flash in the pan one trick pony.

Their full length album The Moment is a currently relevant alternative rock album with pop accessibility and appeal.  What has drawn me to this band though is not only their great music, but their love for their fans(or Phantoms as they might refer to us).  They constantly seek input from their fan base on releases -including a poll to vote for which song to headline their latest EP release In Parallel(available on iTunes TODAY!) and are always trying to find new ways to connect with us.   They use social media to connect with fans in a way that I’ve experienced with no other band.  They truly care what we think and want our input and know that at the end of the day, it’s the fans who allow them to make the new music they are so great a delivering.

In Parallels opens with the headlining Break My Heart Around You.  This soul felt song of emotionally pouring out ones heart for another is so familiar and yet feels somehow voyeuristic in that the lyrics are so honest that you feel somewhat wrong hearing the story being told like someone peeking in on an argument through a window.  The song(like most Atomic Tom songs) starts with a low even beat then builds and intensifies into a driving rock anthem then slides back and nicely fades.

The other new track Collide is an upbeat that starts with an Inception/Matrix like request from the singer to ‘wake me from this dream’.  challenges to – ‘live like you never did’.   The driving guitars and strong beat drive a song whose exuberance is felt with every belted out Tonight by lead singer Luke White.  Another amazing song from an amazing band delivered with such emotional conviction and honesty(can’t wait to hear this one live). Here’s a fan made video they recently posted.

The fact that they included some bonus awesome sauce of the two acoustic versions of these songs is again a tribute to their giving back to their fans.  As with all things sharp like a Ginsu – “but wait there’s more” – for just $2.99 you’ll also get a bonus acoustic version of their previous hit “Red Light Warning Sign”.

The fun doesn’t end there.  To celebrate the release they’ll be doing a Livestream chat tonight Tues Sept 13th.

Another awesome entry from a band on the rise  whose star will only shine brighter in the coming years.  My wife and I will be enjoying their show on Oct 29th at Jammin’ Java – who’s with us!


One thought on “Atomic Tom – In Parallel – EP Review

  1. Funny, I remember the iphone video and never knew that the band you’re always talking about was *that* band! 🙂

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