Free Apps for your iDevices(iPhone/iPodTouch/iPad) and Finding apps

For a limited time two major apps are free(9-27-11 still free).

Tiger Woods Golf 12 from EA is being given away for a while as well as educational masterpiece app Oregon Trail

Also here are some sites I visit to find free apps(okay so these first three are really free game sites).

  1. – This site has free daily apps starting around 8pm lasting 24 hours until the next day.  Usually 2-3 new apps each day.  One of the best sources of free apps.  They have a tab for iPad specific apps too.
  2. – Sponsored by OpenFeint the open social gaming network they also have an Android app tab on the Openfeint site.
  3. – This site is another of the daily free apps.

App Discovery and finding apps:

  1. – An app database to find new apps. You can sort by free apps.
  2. – Another sortable app database with free listings.
  3. –  A great iPhone and Android free application database.
  4. Gamezebo – A games search site.

Board Game specific listings of apps(I love board/card games especially strategy based ones so these next two are specifically targeted at others who like those too)

  1. iOS Board Game listings and reviews are found here.
  2. iBoardGame Blog – A blog with a searchable list of board games and iOS renditions of them.

Educational apps:

  1. – This site gives away applications on Fridays.  These are mostly educational kid friendly learning apps.

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