Ideal Telephone service setup finally achieved!

This year, I made a New Year’s resolution to end as many contracts as possible.  Many of the monthly contracts we had were around telephone service.  The first one we was able to drop was home phone service.  We already had dropped a physical land line service a while back by switching from Verizon to Vonage.  I decided to make this move after Vonage decided to once again up its rates for 3 month service.  By dropping Vonage Voice Over IP (VOIP) service and porting my home phone over to the OOMA telo service I was able to drop my monthly bill for home phone from $25/month down to $5 a month(basically just taxes and standard fees you always have to pay). There is an upfront router cost of $149 but after that you have $5 a month phone service for life with unlimited minutes to the Continental U.S.

The next contract I was able to cut was my cellphone one.  We were paying $70 a month with Verizon for 500 minutes shared on a family plan with two dumb feature phones but had no data plan and were on a 2 year contract as well.  We switched over to Virgin Mobile’s Beyond Talk plan and now have two smartphones and 300 minutes each phone for the same $70 a month including unlimited text messages and data(throttled at 2GB, but still unlimited).  No major savings here, but we did get smartphones and unlimited text and data for the same price and also have no contract anymore.

The final telephone upgrade was not a drop of a contract, but an upgrade of cordless home phones.  I picked up a VTech DS6522 3 handset system fro $45 at Costco(this model is no longer on their featured phones on their website but this one is similar DS6421).  This system allows you to do a Bluetooth connection to your cellphone from your home phone – Connect2Cell feature.  This allows your home cordless system to ring when your cellphone rings while at home.  I am looking forward to not missing calls to my cellphone in the evenings when I usually put my phone in a corner and forget about it.  Instead of just buzzing(since I keep mine on vibrate constantly) it will now ring the home phone.  The other benefit is a synchronized address book list from your cellphone copied over to your home phones.



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