National Board Game and Puzzle Week – Nov 18th – 24th, 2012

This week is National Board Game and Puzzle week – in honor of that, I thought I’d pose the question of what was your favorite board game growing up? I have to give my top 5 given that I had so many favorites and the games that fired them, given that most of these were really simple:

  1. Risk (which I’ve moved on from since it takes so long)fired by Summoner Wars(my son and I love this game).
  2. Monopoly(which I don’t care for anymore now that I discovered Acquire)
  3. Othello – enjoyed playing this game with my little sister before school. This is fired by Blokus for abstract category.
  4. The Game of Life (loved all the little parts), fired by Carcassonne as a family friendly game with great parts and artwork.
  5. Run Yourself Ragged – and oddball marble obstacle course game – my sister and I used to love to get ‘high scores’ on this game. Still looking for a replacement for this one as I don’t own this one, but might have to buy it again.  Maybe Pitchcar(which has peaked my interest lately).

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