Cutting the Cord

This was my strategy for cutting some cord – reducing our cable / internet down to about $70 a month by bundling Upgraded internet cable modem service with the most basic 15 channel cable package. We were paying over $100 a month to Comcast prior to switching to this combo. What we have is Power level internet(more than the basic cable modem since we need higher bandwidth for work we do from home) and didn’t want to lose the ability to watch live sports(Super Bowl etc.. on major networks).

By having a bundle of and internet and TV we save $25.00 a month on the bundling of the two( a little known Comcast benefit). We have the basic regular bare bones cable package of 20 channels(networks and oddball local channels), we don’t use a leased cable box and just allow the cable to be used from our HD TV tuner.

We also use our streaming Blue-Ray player and Mac Mini to watch Hulu(mac) to get shows we miss, use Netflix and Amazon Prime streaming services to catch older shows and odd movies.

The final piece of our cord cutting is done through use of Amazon streaming videos for which we pay $2.84 a show for Walking Dead and Doctor Who – our must watch series.

Hope this helps you in cutting your cord or at least shorten it.


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