Up, Up and On

This could be the title of the new Bronze Radio Return album and it would be a great way to describe this fantastic bands rising star status.  My wife, and I recently got the chance to see them for the second time live at the Hamilton Live in DC as part of their CD Release party tour for the new album Up, On & Over.  We also brought along my sister for this show.

Let me start with the venue.  The Hamilton Live is in the basement of the Hamilton Restaurant in DC.  Pro tip: As a word of advice to those attending a show there.  Arrive early and hang out in the great Hamilton Bar prior to door opening time.  Our show started at 8 with doors opening at 7 and we got there around 6pm and actually ate some appetizers in the main restaurant while waiting, then brought our drinks with us downstairs to the show venue at 7 when the doors opened up.  Here’s a pre-show panoramic shot of this great venue.Image

The venue offers seated table service for food and reserves the area up front for dancing for each show.  We got there and had some sushi and a pizza prior to the band going on.

The opening act was a 4 piece out of Oklahoma by the name of  Taddy Porter.  They had a bluesy rock sound that I felt lent itself well to the typical Bronze Radio Return fan base.  If I had to compare them to another more recognized artists I’d say they had a sound similar to The Black Keys.

After their set, there was a short break while Bronze Radio Return setup.

Static sounds from the speakers cued and intro consisting of old time radio clips and other sound bytes.
The lights dimmed signaling the start of the show.

2013-06-28 21.32.32

Then the lights went on and the band kicked off the night – Wonder No More was the kickoff tune to the evening.

2013-06-28 21.32.47

The band moved into Broken Ocean after a short greeting to the crowd.  Next was the title cut from the new album Up, On & Over.  This high energy sing along got us out of our seats and onto the dance floor.  Bronze Radio Return have a live energy that is contagious.  From there they slid into the slinky strutting Everything Moves.  This transitioned nicely into the energetic Wolves.

After this they slowed it down just a slight bit and played another new cut – World Spin, Home Spun.  This tunes wayward son sentiment is so evident in the lyrics and music.  After that slower piece we got a space-a-delic intro to another new song Rather Never Know.  This hopping sing a-long tune got the audience really up and moving.  From there they moved into an older song Low-Fi  – a signature tune of theirs.  We didn’t stay in the older catalog long as then next tune was the rockin’ Soon As I Fall.  This tune has a new chunky tubey guitar sound that I hope they keep developing – a definite new sound from the new album and a mark of their evolution as a band.  From there they rolled into my favorite track from the new album Mister, Mister.  This anthem to ‘the man’ is such a heart felt cry and had all of the audience chanting along that our nights are ours and this night was a great example of why we fight to keep our nights free.

The evenings main set was closed out with a combo of older tunes Blurry Eyed Worries and perhaps their most radio exposed song – Shake, Shake, Shake.  The crowd was at a frenzy and kept chanting as the sound of guitars humming in the air was still subsiding demanding an encore.

The guys were not going to disappoint and opened a 3 song encore set with Further On – featured in the PGA tour’s commercials this spring.  This moved right into another sure to be favorite off the new album Melting in My Icebox.  The closing song for a fantastic evening of music was the classic Down There.  At the close of this Bob Tannen(bass) threw his pick into the audience.  My wife(having caught a few of these in the past) knew what was going on and was able to get to the floor and retrieve this great souvenir from a wonderful evening out.

Here’s my set list from setlist.fm for the full set.

After the concert we stayed to purchase our CD of the new album we’d been waiting to purchase at the release party.  I decided on the combo package of poster, CD and t-shirt for $25(which was a great deal).

2013-06-30 21.37.46

We also got a photo with all of the band members afterwards.  All in all an amazing evening of music, dancing and fun.  We love the new album and it will definitely be getting some major play time over the speakers of our various players in the home or on the road.

For those uninitiated to their music I can recommend the following videos on YouTube as well as downloading their free Noisetrade Sampler – a Bit of Bronze.


Worth Wondering(Acoustic – solo)

Down There (from the back of a van)

Trash can intro to It’s Ok Now(my recording at Jammin’ Java)

Wonder No More(we were at this show at Jammin’ Java)

Further On(official video – with Pogo stick guy)

Check out my Spotify Playlist of my favorites from their albums


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