Push-Pop LogoThis blog will feature pop culture content(music and movie references) and also geek culture content (technical articles about and around technology) I find useful or interesting.  The title references stack theory in computer science(as most geeks would already know).  This blog will be the Set Theory Union or intersection of Geek culture and Pop culture as represented in our logo.

About Me

By day I manage and do web development for a university.  My faith is a key part of my life and so many of my postings here will be informed by it(I hope).  I’m married and have 2 kids so my time for writing this blog will be limited and also influenced by activities and things that interest me as well as my entire family and may often have a family perspective to certain postings like movie reviews and musical commentary.

I’ve often described myself as a man of many interests.  I recently remarked to a friend that I’ve got a million hobbies and that if the friend who asked what my hobbies were would like to borrow a few since I seem to have little time to enjoy any of them in too much depth.


Music: I love music – listening to it, playing it, – music of all kinds.  My tastes range from classical to bluegrass to rock. I don’t care much for country, but appreciate it nonetheless.

Movies: I’ve always loved this format of information exchange as I’m a visual learner and feel that movies encapsulate life and allow us the most tangible shared experience of it at this time.  I’ll probably link to or comment on various movies here as well.

Strategy Board Games – Settlers of Catan, Wizard Card Game, Acquire, Forbidden Island, and many others – I’ll be including reviews of some of these in future posts.

I hope you’ll find this blog helpful, interesting, informative, and above all fun.




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